MOAS has over 700 srudent apartments around Mikkeli.

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The security deposit is charged for all new tenancies (including exchanges of dwellings). The security deposit includes one (1) key in shared apartments and two (2) keys in larger apartments. No interest shall be paid on the security deposit. The security deposit will be refunded approximately 2 moths after the termination of the tenancy, provided that the renter does not have rent awning, all keys have been returned, the removal cleaning has been carried out properly and the apartment is in order and other payment obligations have been taken care of.

Prices of security deposits:

  • Shared rooms: 300,00 €
  • Studio and larger apartments: 400,00 €

Monthly fees in addition to rent:

  • Internet 3,50 €/month
  • Electricity 14,00 €/month per person, depending on the apartment type. Electricity is included to all shared apartments and some studio apartments. Electricity is not included to other apartments. In MOAS 33 the advance electricity charge is 20€/month.
  • Usage fee 18,50 €/month (Includes e.g. laundry room, dryer, sauna) Usage fee for family apartment is 27,75 €/month
  • Furniture 14,00-21,00 €/month. Includes: bed (200×80 cm), mattress, desk, chair, bookshelf, a kitchen table & chairs and microwave, fridge, stove. In the furnished apartments the tenant is responsible of changing the light bulbs which MOAS will give free of charge. Note: You must bring your own pillow, blanket, bed linen, towels and dishes.
  • Water charge is included in rent (Tap water in Finland is safe to drink)