Applying for an apartment

All students are able to apply student apartments from MOAS except persons in comprehensive school. You can apply for an apartment three months before you intend to move in. If you apply family apartment with a partner or spouse is enough that one of the applicants is student. MOAS has also apartments for persons who are not studying. Non-student apartments are meant in first hand for under 25 years old persons from Mikkeli.

Each applicant needs to fill in own application. If you are looking to share an apartment with a friend, please fill her/his name in the additional details box on the last page of the application form.

Mikalo Oy and Mikkeli Student Housing Ltd (MOAS) co-operate due to the management agreement. Any applications that you have previously submitted to Mikalo or MOAS will be automatically expired upon submission of this application.

You can fill your application here or in the frontpage section “Apply for an apartment”. Fill your application carefully. After we have received your application you will get confirmation to your email. Your application is valid for 3 months. If you don’t get apartment during 3 months you have to update your application. When the suitable apartment for you becomes available you will get an offer by mail. Please inform us as soon as possible if you don’t accept the offered apartment, so we can offer it to the next applicant in the queue.