0 seconds:

  • trams, metro, local and long-distance trains stop
    • ATMs and bank branches will be closed, payment cards will not work
    • the water supply stops for some people, the toilet can only be flushed once
    • you can’t get fuel from a gas station or distribution point
    • the elevators stop
    • heating is interrupted, except for wood stoves
    • lights go out, household appliances do not work
    • streetlights and traffic lights go out
    • refrigerators and freezers start to heat up

15 min:

  • most grocery stores and other small shops close their doors

2 hours:

  • the first communication base stations are muted – after that you cannot make calls or access the Internet
    • large food markets and shopping centers start to close

6 hours:

  • most Finns have lost their telephone and internet connections
    • cars, taxis and buses gradually run out of fuel

18 hours:

  • the indoor air temperature of small wooden houses decreased to +10 degrees if it is -20 degrees outside.

30 hours:

  • the indoor temperature of small stone houses has dropped to +10 degrees if it is -20 degrees outside.

36 hours:

  • element, the temperature inside the apartment buildings has dropped to +10 degrees if it is -20 degrees outside.

4 days:

  • the indoor temperature of solid stone apartment buildings has dropped to +10 degrees, if it is -20 degrees outside.

NOTE: at temperatures below +10 degrees, a person needs the heat produced by the muscles so that the body temperature does not drop. People with poor mobility, i.e. small children, the elderly and the sick, cannot stay in such a cool space for a long time.

Preparing for possible power outages in the coming winter

In the coming winter, it is good to be prepared for possible power outages. This does not necessarily apply to all areas, but nevertheless it is worth being prepared. Electricity companies try to announce planned power outages in advance, so it’s worth checking your own to the electricity company’s announcements on the matter. The Ministry of Defense has prepared a guide for longer power outages, the guide can be found e.g. From Fingrid’s website. During a power outage, lighting, heating and ventilation do not work.

During a power outage lasting a couple of hours, the temperature in the apartment does not have time to drop much, but hot water may run out and the water pressure may drop. It is therefore recommended not to leave the house and avoid using water. A flashlight, warm clothes, a battery-powered radio and batteries would be a good idea to keep in case of power outages. Depending on the base stations, mobile phone networks are operational during short power outages. The phone can be charged, e.g. from the powerbank, so it’s worth keeping one in the charging station. Cooking is challenging during a power outage when there is no stove and microwave do not work. It’s also a good idea to reserve well-preserved food and bottled water if the power outage lasts longer.

During a power outage, you should also take care of other people, especially those living alone and the elderly. You must help your neighbor as much as you can. If there is an elevator in the property, you should make sure that no one in need of help is left in the elevator.

How has your living with us started?

Dear new tenant,

How has your living with us started? We’d love to hear if there’s anything we can do even better for you. That’s why we send our new residents a tenant survey via email about 2 months after moving in. Survey has been done with the WheelQ app.

It only takes a few minutes to answer the survey. With your feedback, you will help us make your living even better.

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback!

Sport day

Free sport event held at Mikkelin Urheilupuisto on Saturday 18 September 10am – 3pm. The event offers a wide range of activities and activities for all ages.

The event starts with a joint morning warm-up suitable for everyone at 10 am. Crossfit Mikkeli directs exercises at 11am and 1pm.

At 5pm there will be a football match between Mikkelin Pallo-Kissat and Lahden Reipas.

Free entry to all activities. Welcome!

September update and corona information

Our operations continue with coronavirus safety in mind. We continue to take care of properties and apartments but avoid all unnecessary meetings. Apartments are visited by our staff only in necessary situations and preferably in the absence of the resident.

Remember to fill in a fault report on our website if needed. Please note, however, that defects requiring urgent repair, such as water leakage, sewer blockage, pipe breakage or electrical equipment failures, should be dealt with immediately. In above mentioned situations, please contact the serviceman directly by phone.

Weekly shared sauna times and private sauna reservation will continue as usual. It is the responsibility of each tenant to take care of cleanliness after use. Please do not use sauna or other shared spaces if you are ill or have any symptoms.

Best way to reach our staff is by phone and email. Our customer service office is open only by appointment. If you wish to book an appointment, call your tenant secretary or switchboard. Please only show up healthy and with a mask!

(Mon-Thu 9.00am – 3.00pm, Fri and public holiday eves 9.00am – 1.00pm)

We follow and recommend our residents to follow the instructions of the authorities and to take special care in all activities. We avoid meetings where possible. We keep a safe distance when we meet, wear a face mask, take care of good hand and cough hygiene.  

The purpose of these arrangements is to safeguard the health of our employees, residents and to safeguard the company’s operations even in this extreme exceptional situation. These measures are valid in our operations until further notice. In the event of a change in situations, we will inform you again.

TV channel numbers

TV channel numbers in Cable television network will be changed so the HD versions of free-to-air TV channels will be found on channel numbers 1 – 20. SD versions of the same TV channels will be found starting from number 21.

All free-to-air channels will still be distributed, but only on different channel numbers. For example, Yle TV1 HD will be found on channel 1 and traditional Yle TV1 will be on channel 21.

Changes will be made on Tue 31.8.2021 starting at 10 am and the work will be ready during the same day.

Most TV sets search channels automatically. If your TV set does not do so when you switch it on after 31.8.2021, you need to search the channels manually. Some TV sets may require restoring of factory settings. Detailed information about channel search and factory reset can be found in the user manual for your TV.


Need help?

Telia Customer service in English 020 690 400 (mcc/lnc) Mon–Fri 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Weekly shared sauna

Weekly shared sauna times will warm up again from next week (week 19). However, we would like to remind you that you should not use the common sauna or washrooms if you have any symptoms. And please take care of the cleanness of the facilities after use. Enjoy!

Office will relocate

Mikalo Oy and MOAS co-operate due to the management agreement. The MOAS office staff have moved to the same office space as Mikalo during week 17/2021.
From May 3rd 2021, the office will be located at the new address Maaherrankatu 44. Phone numbers and email addresses have also changed. See contact details here.