MOAS is limited company owned by city of Mikkeli. MOAS is marked to trade register 10th of January in 1975. Company owns, manages and constructs apartments. These apartments are for rent to students after comprehensive school and for other young people. Government takes care of company’s everyday business. In government there will be chosen six actual member and two deputy member every year, two of the members are always student. Government will choose CEO who will take care of company’s practicalities.

Mikalo Oy and MOAS has concluded a hosting and management agreement in March 2020. In accordance with the agreement companies cooperate both in terms of resident service and property maintenance.

Apartments and dwelling places:

1 room + kitchen: apartments 424, dwelling places 424
2 rooms + kitchen: apartments 305, dwelling places 610
3 rooms + kitchen: apartments 33, dwelling places 99
Total: apartments 762, dwelling places 1133

Apartment’s utilization rate was on average 92,75% in 2018. Company’s turnover in 2018 was 4,17 million euros, gross investments 1,208 million euros and grand total of balance 23,81 million euros. MOAS on average rent per square meter at the time is 11,21€/m2/month. Rent per square meter is naturally cheapest at fringe areas shared apartments and highest at the centers single and two-room apartments. There is about 910 residents in MOAS apartments. In 2018 MOAS got 1274 housing applications and 939 of them was chosen so about 74% of the applicants got the apartment. There were also about 545 foreign student from 53 different countries living in MOAS apartments during the year 2018.