Preparing for possible power outages in the coming winter

In the coming winter, it is good to be prepared for possible power outages. This does not necessarily apply to all areas, but nevertheless it is worth being prepared. Electricity companies try to announce planned power outages in advance, so it’s worth checking your own to the electricity company’s announcements on the matter. The Ministry of Defense has prepared a guide for longer power outages, the guide can be found e.g. From Fingrid’s website. During a power outage, lighting, heating and ventilation do not work.

During a power outage lasting a couple of hours, the temperature in the apartment does not have time to drop much, but hot water may run out and the water pressure may drop. It is therefore recommended not to leave the house and avoid using water. A flashlight, warm clothes, a battery-powered radio and batteries would be a good idea to keep in case of power outages. Depending on the base stations, mobile phone networks are operational during short power outages. The phone can be charged, e.g. from the powerbank, so it’s worth keeping one in the charging station. Cooking is challenging during a power outage when there is no stove and microwave do not work. It’s also a good idea to reserve well-preserved food and bottled water if the power outage lasts longer.

During a power outage, you should also take care of other people, especially those living alone and the elderly. You must help your neighbor as much as you can. If there is an elevator in the property, you should make sure that no one in need of help is left in the elevator.