Parking spaces

NOTE! All Parking spaces are chargeable.

You can inquire available parking spaces from your Area Janitor. The parking fee is 10 €/month (with electricity charging 30 €/month) and it is charged every calendar month in connection with the rental payment.

Termination of parking space

You can terminate the parking space by notifying your Area Janitor via email or phone . The responsibility to pay the parking space ends at the end of the month in which you make the notice of termination. The key must be returned to the MOAS’ area janitor at the end of month.

If the key for the heating pole is not returned, 10 € will be charged.

The heating cord

One must never leave the heater’s cord hanging on the power plug. There is danger both to the children and to the machinery when clearing the snow. Everyone who has a car heating place is responsible for taking the cord away from the plug. The cover of the heater has to be always locked, also when the cord is connected.
If the cord is left hanging on the plug, it will be removed, and tenant can collect it back from the janitor against a payment of 5 €.

It is forbidden to use an interior heater.

Automatic car heating poles

In MOAS 1-15, MOAS 18-25, MOAS 27-31 and MOAS 33 the car heating poles are controlled totally automatically based on the outside temperature. You can keep the heater’s cord plugged to pole all the time when your car is parked. However, if you don’t use your car for a long time, it is better to unplug it from the pole.

If there is a clock in the car heating pole in the MOAS parking places mention above, you don’t need to use the clock, since the car heating pole works automatically without the clock.

The car heating pole starts to heat when outside temperature drops to +5°C degrees and increases the heating power automatically depending of the weather. When the temperature drops below -18°C degrees, the power keeps on all the time. The system keeps the car motor between +10°C – +20°C degrees.

Heating starts when the temperature falls below + 5 °C, and the heating is on for about 7 min cycles at 40 min intervals. When the temperature drops, the heating period is shortened, and the interval is shortened.
About -7 °C, they are equal (10 min + 10 min). When the temperature is below -18 °C heating is always on. In windy weather, heating pole increases the heating power.


In MOAS 16-17 there is the clocks in the heating poles to adjust the heating time.
In MOAS 26 there is the electricity continuously on in the pole.
In MOAS 32 there is no parking area.