Rent, Customer fees and charges

Housing-related payments and price list for invoiced fees.

Resident invoicing price list 2024

Paying the rent

The rent amount, account and reference number details have been sent to you as an attachment to the tenancy agreement confirmation message. We will not send out rent invoices every month so please save the rent invoice and the payment information. The rent is to be paid once a month, in advance by the 5th of every month. For late payments, we charge a penalty interest according to the Interest Act. For sending the demand of payment letter we charge 5€.

Please note that the account number for paying your rent is not the same as the account used for paying the deposit.
Foreign bank account: You can pay your rent from abroad by using the account details and the reference number given in the rent invoice. Please note the international bank transfer fees when paying from abroad.

The rent payment account for MOAS is the following (please remember to use the reference number):
Beneficiary: Mikkelin opiskelija-asunnot Oy (MOAS)
Bank: Nordea Finland
Bank address: Porrassalmenkatu 23, 50100 Mikkeli, Finland
Iban: FI12 2042 3800 0044 26
The due date: 5th day of each month
Reference number: [*]

*Please always remember to use the correct reference number when you pay the rent. The reference number ties the payment to you personally and to your tenancy agreement. Using the reference number helps us to process your payments faster and more reliably. The reference number stays the same every month and you can see it in your rent invoice.

If the payment is made without the correct reference number and we cannot tie the payment to the tenant’s agreement, the tenant will be responsible for any costs associated with payment reminders.
Please note that the tenant is responsible for the bank fees of any international transfers. Any added costs will reduce the amount received by us. Additional costs may be caused by currency conversions and for example extra fees charged by your bank, an intermediary bank or the Bank of Finland. Your own bank can advise you about the bank fees.

The apartment is equipped with (depending on your tenancy agreement):

  • Internet included in the each tenancy agreement
  • Electricity is included to all shared apartments and some studio apartments. Electricity is not included to other apartments.
  • Usage of e.g. laundry room, dryer, shared sauna included in the each tenancy agreement
  • Furniture in furnished apartments. Includes: bed (200×80 cm), mattress, desk, chair, a kitchen table & chairs and microwave, fridge, stove. In the furnished apartments the tenant is responsible of changing the light bulbs which MOAS will give free of charge. Note: You must bring your own pillow, blanket, bed linen, towels and dishes.
  • Water charge is included in rent (Tap water in Finland is safe to drink)

Door opening with a master key:

7.00am – 4.00pm on normal working days (on working hours): 30,00 €
outside working hours regardless on the day 60,00 €

Note! The door opening will be invoiced from the tenant.

Prices of security deposits:

  • Shared rooms and studios: 300,00 €
  • Larger apartments: 450,00 €