General rules


Tenants are obligated to keep their apartments/rooms clean and nice shape. Tenants of one apartment are together responsible for the common rooms, eg. kitchen and bathroom, of the apartment. MOAS has the right to have the apartment cleaned on the tenants’ expenses if they have neglected cleaning.

The keys have to be kept with care. Tenants who are guilty of malpractices are responsible for damages and repairs caused by the misuse of the keys.

Carpets and clothes may be dusted and aired only in the designated places between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm.
Behaviour disturbing the night rest of other tenants is forbidden in the apartments from 11.00 pm to 7.00 am. With approvals of the neighbours one can arrange events lasting longer than 11.00 pm.

For washing clothes there are common laundry and drying rooms in the houses. When using a washing machine of one’s own, one has to make sure that it is properly installed, equipped with both a non-return valve and a shut-off valve and is safe to use.

Tenants have to inform primarily the area janitor, the MOAS office or in urgent matters the janitor on call of all defects they notice in the apartments or in the building. Neglecting the duty to report the defects might result in tenants’ liability for damages.

The tidiness of the outdoor areas requires:
• that lawns and plantings are not trampled and damaged.
• that excess things are not stored in the yard.
• that all rubbish and waste are taken to the containers reserved for them.
• that apartment balconies and corridors are kept clean of rubbish and snow.
• that belongings are not stored outside balconies and windows.
• that cars are only parked in the places reserved them.

Making open fire, opening fire hatches and leaving windows open are forbidden under the penalty of liability. Storing bikes, sports equipment, prams and other things is only permitted in premises reserved for them, bike storages and apartment storerooms. Personal belongings must not be left behind in the above mentioned storages. Damaging constructions, equipment and furnishings will result in liability for damages.

• The names and phone numbers of the janitors are available on the notice boards.
• In case of maintenance one has to contact primarily the area janitor or within working hours the MOAS office.


Shared apartment is like a small community where the rules are created jointly by the tenants.
Each tenant has personal responsibility for their own rooms and shared responsibility for the shared areas; kitchen, bathroom etc.

Bringing a pet to a shared apartment is forbidden.

All tenants in a shared apartment must do their own part to keep the kitchen, hall, toilet, and bathroom clean. If needed, MOAS can give the tenant an admonition or notice of the cleaning responsibility, and in obvious and continual negligence cases, MOAS can order the cleaning from specific cleaning company and charge the costs from the tenants. If the dirtiness cause damage to MOAS property it will be charged also. You must also respect the other tenants’ belongings.

Disturbing the neighbors by playing music loud or having a loud party especially at night time is forbidden. MOAS will control the situations in cases that will be informed. The night silence time is between 11pm to 7am. Continual disturbing leads to sending an admonition or starting the process of cancelling the tenancy agreement.


The usage charge -fee is included in the rent and it covers the using of laundry room and sauna as well as cable-TV-connection.
You can reserve a sauna turn by writing your name to the list that is in the wall near sauna corridor. The reserved sauna turn are valid as long as a new list is changed. In some MOAS buildings, there are only common sauna turns, not individual turns. The laundry turn can be reserved by changing the position of a lock in reserving board in laundry room.


You may find the information about including electricity in your acceptance letter. All our furnished apartments, shared and single ones, include automatically the electricity. If electricity is not mentioned in the acceptance letter you should make electricity contract by yourself. Contact in advance Lumme Energia, before you move in and ask them to open electricity to your apartment.


With furnished apartments MOAS holds the responsibility of changing the light bulbs if needed. Otherwise the changing of light bulbs is in your responsibility. If you do not know how to change the light bulb, ask advice from your area janitor.


The cooker is an electrical device, which may be very dangerous in faulty shape. Each tenant is responsible for using the cooker in an appropriate way. The oven, baking plates, and hot plates must be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of burned grease and dirt. Follow the instructions when using cleaning agents meant for cleaning the cooker and the oven. Do not under any circumstances use abrasive cleaners or equipment which can damage the surface. In need of fixing or repairing contact the janitor.


In each radiator the water circulation of the centralized heating system has been balanced by pre-settings. The self-acting thermostat reacts to outdoor temperature by controlling the temperature of the circulating water. The thermostat valves, which have been pre-set for each radiator, complete the entire pre-setting of the system so that the average temperature in each apartment is around 20-22 °C.

The thermostat turns the water circulation on and off so that the room temperature stays stable. Therefore the radiator may sometimes be warm and sometimes cold, because the thermostat registers the room temperature as being warm enough. For the same reason, the thermostat must not be covered for example with curtains or furnishing: the temperature near the thermostat gets then higher than elsewhere in the apartment, and the radiator will be switched off earlier than it should, resulting the room getting cold.


Vandalism is something that no one should tolerate. It is the responsibility of every tenant to notify of any occurrences of such behavior. The person causing any damages is always financially responsible for them; unsolved cases are paid by the tenants in their rent, and therefore covering up for a friend is financially damaging for everyone. Should be remembered, however, that people’s safety comes first, and material and financial matters are secondary in cases of vandalism. After all, maintaining the order is the duty of the authorities, and everyone has the right to turn to police if needed.