Internet – instructions

Telia Finland Oyj (Telia) is supplying fixed broadband services to MOAS apartments from the beginning of January 2021. Residents have access to 10 Mbit/s fixed broadband. Telia is also responsible for cable television services in all apartments.

How do you activate the Internet connection?

– To start using the Telia Internet connection in the apartment, you need contact Telia
– Get your look ready for CM MAC/MAC address of 12 marks including letters and numbers in the bottom of the modem
– To activate your modem in your apartment, please contact Telia customer service by phone +358 200 11611 (mcc/lnc) Mon–Fri 8am to 6pm
– You can send a call request to Telia, and Telia will call you. Submit a contact request ->

If tenants want to use Internet connection wirelessly, tenants need to buy a router or speed up Internet connection at their own cost from the same operator i.e. Telia. For the part of the above mentioned, MOAS refers to the the tenancy agreement between the company and the tenant and the terms of tenancy paragraphs 1, 8 and 9 which the tenant has accepted with his/her signature.

When facing problems with Internet connection or having questions about it, please contact Telia customer service by phone +358 200 11611 (mcc/lnc) Mon–Fri 8am to 6pm and tell that you are a MOAS tenant using Internet connection provided by Telia.

MOAS 7,12
WiFi modem. Wireless connection. Password is found on the modem.

MOAS 1-6,11,13-33
Connecting by Ethernet cable (RJ-45). Ensure your computer has an ethernet port.

Instructions on how to use the cable modem can be found here.