Weekly shared sauna

Weekly shared sauna times will warm up again from next week (week 19). However, we would like to remind you that you should not use the common sauna or washrooms if you have any symptoms. And please take care of the cleanness of the facilities after use. Enjoy!

Office will relocate

Mikalo Oy and MOAS co-operate due to the management agreement. The MOAS office staff have moved to the same office space as Mikalo during week 17/2021.
From May 3rd 2021, the office will be located at the new address Maaherrankatu 44. Phone numbers and email addresses have also changed. See contact details here.

Updated information on corona procedures

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our operations. We continue to take care of properties and apartments, but all non-urgent maintenance and repair work is being put on hold. Apartments are visited by our staff only in necessary situations and preferably in the absence of the resident. If necessary, report a fault with an online form.

Please note, however, that defects requiring urgent repair, such as water leakage, sewer blockage, pipe breakage or electrical equipment failures, should be dealt with immediately. In above mentioned situations, please contact the serviceman directly by phone.

Weekly shared sauna times are out of use. Privat sauna reservation will continue as usual. It is the responsibility of each tenant to take care of cleanliness after use. Please do not use sauna or other shared spaces if you are ill or have any symptoms.

Our office is closed to residents and our office staff mainly work remotely. You can reach our staff by phone and email.
• Contact details here
• Tel: +358 15 150 065 and email:
(Mon-Thu 10.00am – 4.15pm, Fri and public holiday eves 10.00am – 3.15pm)

We follow and recommend our residents to follow the instructions of the authorities and to take special care in all activities. We avoid meetings where possible. We keep a safe distance when we meet, wear a face mask, take care of good hand and cough hygiene.

The purpose of these arrangements is to safeguard the health of our employees, residents and to safeguard the company’s operations even in this extreme exceptional situation. These measures are valid in our operations until further notice. In the event of a change in situations, we will inform you again.

Electric bikes

Electric-assisted bicycles, ie electric bikes, as well as other bicycles and outdoor equipment, may be stored in storage rooms. But you are not allowed to charge their batteries in the storage room or any other common areas of the property. The reason for this is the fire safety risk. Electric bike batteries are almost always removable, so you please charge them in your home under supervision.

Internet and cable TV provider

Mikkeli Student Housing LTD (MOAS) and Telia Finland Oyj (Telia) have signed an agreement, according to which Telia is supplying fixed broadband services to MOAS apartments from the beginning of January 2021. Residents have access to 10 Mbit/s fixed broadband, which Telia is supplying. This means that the current services provided by the MPY will end during January 2021 when Telia connects their service to the house network. You will be noted by Telia about the schedule and instructions how to get the Internet connection and the cable TV in use in your apartment. According to the agreement, Telia is also responsible for cable television services in all apartments.

To start using the Telia Internet connection in the apartment, you need contact Telia. Read more here.

MOAS office closed to customers until further notice

Due to the corona virus situation, MOAS wants to do its part to prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus, and keep its doors closed until further notice. To minimize the risks, we also avoid people-to-people contacts in the apartments.

We ask that housing related matters should be handled

through our homepage
by email to or
by phone +358 15 150 065 during office hours
Urgent fault reports and maintenance issues we handle, but non-urgent faults will wait until further notice.

Saunas closed until further notice.

Please follow the instructions from the authorities on how to deal with coronavirus, suspected infection, or other coronavirus issues.

Additional information:

Finnish Institute for health and welfare:

How do you protect yourself?

Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Wash your hands, especially when you come outside, after a toilet visit, or when you have sneezed, coughed or sneezed.

If water and soap are not available, use an alcoholic hand rinse.

Change your home towels frequently and use disposable towels outside the home.

Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed your hands.

Avoid large crowds and close contact with a person with respiratory infection.

In public places and crowds, keep at least one meter away from others, especially if someone is coughing or sneezing.