Moving out


You must always terminate the tenancy agreement in writing. The easiest way is to fill in a notice of termination form. The period of notice is one calendar month for the tenant. The preliminary inspection of your apartment will be carried out during the last month of your tenancy.
(For example, the Notice of Termination has been given on 5th of February in which case the Period of Notice is from 1st of March till 31st of March and the Advance Rent Obligation ends on 31st of March.)

You can give your notice with this form.

The Lessor may show the dwelling to prospective new tenants starting from the date of sending of this notice form on working days between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm.

On having received the Tenant’s written notice of moving out of the dwelling, the Lessor shall be entitled to carry out an inspection of the dwelling’s condition on working days between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm.

The Tenant shall be obligated to inform the area janitor in advance of pets kept in the dwelling.

The departure inspection of the dwelling shall be conducted once the Tenant has moved out and has returned all the keys to a MOAS representative.

In the event of my absence when the janitor comes, I hereby give my permission for a master key to be used to enable the inspection to be conducted and dwelling to be shown to prospective new tenants.

I hereby commit myself to clean my dwelling in compliance with the legislation pertaining to the renting of dwellings and as laid down in the Tenancy Agreement. Should I fail to do so, the Lessor shall be entitled to attend to the cleaning / possible repairing of the dwelling at the Tenant’s expense or to deduct the resultant costs from the Advance Rent Deposit.

Possible application for changing apartment is removed from the waiting list when giving the notice of moving out.

Tips for cleaning – When moving out

Cleaning the apartment:

  • Sweep or hoover floors and wash them
  • Wipe the doors, wardrobes and shelves
  • Wash the WC/bathroom: walls, floors, sink and toilet seat
  • Defrost the freezer (do not use a knife or any other sharp object!)
  • Clean the oven / the cooker, the fridge, and the freezer as well as their backgrounds and spaces under them
  • If electricity of the fridge / the freezer turned off, leave their doors open
  • Clean all the surfaces in the kitchen, including doors and shelves
  • Clean windows both in your room and in the common areas (if the outside temperature is below zero Celsius clean only the inner surfaces)
  • In addition to your apartment you must remember to remove all your belongings from the storage and your balcony and clean them.

Download the cleaning instructions pdf

Do not leave any of you belongings in the apartment – costs caused by their removal will be reduced from the deposit.

In shared apartments the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, hall, balcony etc.) have to be cleaned, even if only one of the tenants is moving out. The tenants are together responsible for cleaning the common areas.

Neglecting the cleaning will cause costs that are reduced from the deposit.