0 seconds:

  • trams, metro, local and long-distance trains stop
    • ATMs and bank branches will be closed, payment cards will not work
    • the water supply stops for some people, the toilet can only be flushed once
    • you can’t get fuel from a gas station or distribution point
    • the elevators stop
    • heating is interrupted, except for wood stoves
    • lights go out, household appliances do not work
    • streetlights and traffic lights go out
    • refrigerators and freezers start to heat up

15 min:

  • most grocery stores and other small shops close their doors

2 hours:

  • the first communication base stations are muted – after that you cannot make calls or access the Internet
    • large food markets and shopping centers start to close

6 hours:

  • most Finns have lost their telephone and internet connections
    • cars, taxis and buses gradually run out of fuel

18 hours:

  • the indoor air temperature of small wooden houses decreased to +10 degrees if it is -20 degrees outside.

30 hours:

  • the indoor temperature of small stone houses has dropped to +10 degrees if it is -20 degrees outside.

36 hours:

  • element, the temperature inside the apartment buildings has dropped to +10 degrees if it is -20 degrees outside.

4 days:

  • the indoor temperature of solid stone apartment buildings has dropped to +10 degrees, if it is -20 degrees outside.

NOTE: at temperatures below +10 degrees, a person needs the heat produced by the muscles so that the body temperature does not drop. People with poor mobility, i.e. small children, the elderly and the sick, cannot stay in such a cool space for a long time.