Register description and privacy policy

  1. Controller
    Mikkeli Student Housing Ltd (MOAS)
    ID: 0165428-4
    Address: Maaherrankatu 44, 50100 Mikkeli
    Tel. +358 15 150 065, email:
  2. Responsible for registry matters
    MOAS office switchboard tel. +358 15 321 350
  3. Name of the register
    Customer data and rent control register of MOAS
  4. Purpose of processing of personal data / purpose of use of the register
    Personal data is handled when offering housing to tenants, managing the rental agreements, handling the events during residency, such as rent control, fault reports, door openings, giving car parking places and handling notices of moving out.
  5. Information content of the register
    The registers contain the necessary identification data such as names, personal identity codes, contact data, rental agreements and rent payment data for the management of housing to ensure the rights and obligations of the controller.
  6. Sources of regulatory information
    The data will be received directly from applicants and tenants themselves and can be updated from sources of authority or from other service providers to ensure that the information in the registers is correct.
  7. Disclosing regulatory information and transfer of information
    Personal data can be given to bureaus and authorities, who have the legal right to handle personal data and to maintenance and to suppliers that provide the service that relates to housing, but only so far as the management requires.
    Information is not transmitted outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.
  8. Registry Protection
    The computers are protected by a password and personal data is located on a service provider’s server that is protected by high level of security. Paper documents are stored in locked spaces and can only be accessed with a key, code or with license of register controller.
  9. Inspection and repair right
    The subject has the right to inspect what information has been deposited in the register and right to request correction of incorrect information by contacting the controller.
    The requests must be sent or made in written shape to the registry controller and must be signed.