Your actions play a significant role in the success of waste sorting. Correct recycling can also lower the cost of waste disposal for your property. By implementing efficient recycling practices, not only do you contribute positively to the environment, but you also potentially reduce the overall expenses associated with waste management. This, in turn, can have a direct impact on the rental costs.

Waste truck does not empty bins that contain waste that does not belong in that particular bin. Also leaving any items outside of bins is strictly prohibited.

Check metsä for more instruction.


Environmentally friendly housing consists of not only efficient waste disposal system, but also recycling and sensible use of energy. Sorting of waste is done according to the law on waste management and is an important part of taking care of the environment. The sorting of waste is done in order to separate recyclable glass, paper, and biodegradable waste from other types of waste.

In student apartment blocks each apartment has rubbish bins for different types of waste, and you can empty them into the bins outside respectively.

Basically anything that has been alive once can be put into a compost or an organic/biological waste bin, but never put there any plastic, paper, diapers, fabrics, glass, metal, etc.

Problem waste (batteries, fluorescent lamps, dissolvents, fuels, glue, paint, etc.) must not be thrown away with other waste, but have to be taken to a special collection point. Find out about your closest collection points. Medicine past its expiry date can be taken to the chemist’s to be disposed of.

Always put your waste into a waste bin, and keep the lids closed. Untidy and overflowing waste bins are a health hazard, and they also attract mice, rats, and birds, which spread the waste and transmit diseases.


If you want to throw away things which are still usable, you can take them to a recycling centre or a second-hand market.