TV channel numbers

TV channel numbers in Cable television network will be changed so the HD versions of free-to-air TV channels will be found on channel numbers 1 – 20. SD versions of the same TV channels will be found starting from number 21.

All free-to-air channels will still be distributed, but only on different channel numbers. For example, Yle TV1 HD will be found on channel 1 and traditional Yle TV1 will be on channel 21.

Changes will be made on Tue 31.8.2021 starting at 10 am and the work will be ready during the same day.

Most TV sets search channels automatically. If your TV set does not do so when you switch it on after 31.8.2021, you need to search the channels manually. Some TV sets may require restoring of factory settings. Detailed information about channel search and factory reset can be found in the user manual for your TV.


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